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Social Skills

Groups are provided to improve children's abilities to interact with one another in a structured and safe environment. These services are offered once a month, throughout the school year. Sessions are held after-school for all experience levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to children diagnosed with Asberger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism, who attend their local public school.

This program also offers professional development training to local school district personnel, who service children enrolled in the Advanced Level Group. The training provides strategies for teachers, aides, CST case managers and other related service personnel.

Social Skills Story:

In our last session of Social Skills we concentrated on different types of problems. Big versus small, playdough versus rock problems and problems that require teamwork. Working from week to week on the same skills really helped our students understand these concepts:

• What makes a problem “big”: involves more than two people, lasts a long time, could be dangerous

• The concepts of playdough versus rock problems: playdough problems are problems that we have control over, rock problems are situations that cannot be changed

• Working as a team: no one works alone, you must use cooperation skills and good communication for your team to be successful

Angelos is a 12 year old boy in our after school social skills program. He is a “gentle giant” who welcomes everyone who comes through the door with his big smile and welcoming words. Angelos continues to work on making friends and loves to talk about Angry Birds or video games.

Angelos was asked a couple questions by his mom:

Why do you like Social Skills? Angry Birds

What do you mean by Angry Birds? The game with Angry Birds and pigs wasn’t just a game, it taught us how to deal with’s going to be ok.

Angelos’ mom shared, “He really is taking so much from each lesson. It may take some time to sink in and fully be understood but once his mind sorts it all out, the information and concepts are solid.” Angelos’ mom also wanted to express her thanks for all the time, patience, and methods the leaders at Social Skills do to make the world all make sense to their children.

Angelos is pictured above! He worked on his team building skills at home with his family and made a Marshmallow Tower. When parents reinforce what is worked on in class it only benefits the student even more and concepts begin to generalize more easily to daily situations.

Fun Fridays

The Gloucester County Special Services Education Foundation sponsor Respite Services (aka "Fun Fridays") provided to students attending GCSSSD educational programs at no charge to families or school districts. Respite services provide parents/guardians the ability to leave their children with special needs in a safe and structured environment. Children will be actively engaged in the following activities appropriate to their interests and age: dance, music appreciation, sensory stimulation, social skills, watching movies, bike riding, technology access in the "Computer Zone", video gaming and horticulture. Maximum enrollment: 45 students ages 3 to 21 years.

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